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How to meet people in new york

xXx Pics How to meet people in new york.
Gourmet Coffee shops: New York...

Here are my tips on how to meet people and make friends in NYC: I joined a few groups on Meetup to find some ready made small group events, such as a brunch club and walking tours.

You could also start your own meetup group or come along to one of the AWNY events. Get out and about No explanation needed!

No one to go with? Take a deep breath and go alone with an open mind. Once, I got talking to a political scientist while enjoying a bagel in a Turtle Bay diner.

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A couple of weeks later, courtesy of my new friend, I found myself with a visitor pass sitting in on the UN General Assembly for climate change. Not only did I survive to tell the tale, but he and I remain friends to this day, and our circle has now expanded to include our respective spouses and children. So I chatted to the woman on my left, a dynamic and intelligent life force, and we became fast friends.

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