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4 ssbbws get together for lesbian sex

xXx Photo Galleries 4 ssbbws get together for lesbian sex.
4 SSBBWS Get Together for...

Sensual Feeding - MP4. She decides to treat her by feeding her cupcakes.

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Ivy wants to get fatter and fatter, just for Vicky. Sparkle Bellies - MP4. The girls lotion up their bellies and rub them together.

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Ivy bounces Rose off of her belly, and knocks her to the ground. The girls shake and wiggle and smack their bellies together. The girls compare their bellies and their loose skin.

The girls cuddle up in bed. Ivy relaxes while Reiinapop rubs, kisses, and worships her soft, enormous belly. Reiinapop says that she will never, ever stop feeding Ivy.

She wants Ivy to get so big that she will have to help Ivy get dressed. Ivy has a pink blanket to lay on and a big bag of Chick Fil A to fill her soft, beautiful belly. She adds extra mayo to her chicken sandwich, and extra pickles, too. Ivy talks about how big she has gotten, and wonders how she is going to be able to get back up off of the ground. Ivy was a vegetarian for a long time, but now, she just wants to eat fried chicken and fast food.

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She belches and rubs her stuffed belly. She sits down to a meal of hot, delicious spaghetti with plenty of parmesan cheese on top. She decides to be a good girl, eat a small portion, and have a dinner of chicken and salad when her boyfriend gets home.

One serving turns into two, three She digs in with her hands and gets so messy.

She invites you and tells you that she has a little tip for you. She passes you a herbal cigar and invites you to relax and smoke. She makes herself a bit more comfortable, removing her dress and allowing her pink lace undergarment to roll up over her ponderous belly.

Watch 4 SSBBWS Get Together...

You're taken aback at how large she is. She asks you if you've ever been with a woman of her size before. You shake your head no. You cannot resist her massive curves.

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This is what you've always wanted! Pleasantly Plump's Fatter Sex Chat. Pleasantly Plump loves her fat body and one of her favorite things to enjoy at her very large size is sex. Of course, being as massively fat and short as she presents its own set of unique challenges in the bedroom. Pleasantly Plump doesn't mind though, she finds the struggle to be quite arousing.

She tells you all about her sexy time struggles both with a partner and solo and much more! Lunch Stuffing - MP4. Ivy and Wood have been so hungry all day, so they order a bunch of food and eat it in bed together.

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