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Will rogaine help me grow facial hair

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Welcome to Beard Profile! If you're not already a member, you can sign up now! It takes only a moment to start interacting with your bearded brethren. It's time to grow the beard you never thought you could! This is the guide to fixing up a patchy beard or growing from bare-faced to beardsman within a year. For years now, men have been using minoxidil widely known as Rogaine on their faces to help promote beard growth.

Does it work?

Minoxidil is an anti-hypertensive vasodilator, which was originally used as a blood-pressure medication for those with high blood pressure. It was taken orally, however, and not topically. The topical solution came after the noted side effects of taking minoxidil: Pretty much everywhere, too.

Used today to help regrow hair from those that suffer from balding in the vertex area, minoxidil stimulates the follicles and revives them. Once treatment is stopped, the hair once again dies and the individual starts balding again.

What does this mean for beard hair? Minoxidil will not revive the hair on your face like it would for those that are balding on their heads. What it will do is stimulate the follicles that are there.

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Over time and with the right conditions, the beard grows in just as any other. At the moment, a lot of it comes down to fearing the unknown. There have been no clinical trials done with using Rogaine on a man's face.

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Something that is not FDA approved doesn't necessarily mean it's more harmful, rather that it's been untested and isn't recommended. Most people will use this as a scare tactic to convince men not to try minoxidil on their face. See an actual doctor and ask his opinion.

Keep in mind that there are doctors that may profit from providing beard transplants, thus affecting their objectivity, so always use your own judgement in the end. The biggest perpetrators will be the ones that profit outside of minoxidil: While these products are recommended here at Beard Profile and can indeed help with stimulating growth, they will most certainly not bring your bare face from zero to full like minoxidil will.

They will help minimally. In fact, many beard oils actually hinder progress. It most certainly does work. There are downsides to using this drug on your face; let's face it, it is a drug and we're not here to coddle anyone about it and its side effects. Some men have reported these side effects after using it topically on their face. I've marked the most common two in bold. Temporary shedding means just that — it's temporary and should not persist for more than about months it can kick in around two weeks or a month after starting Will rogaine help me grow facial hair, and really anytime thereafter.

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What's happening during shedding is that your head hair is being pushed out by new growth. Without minoxidil, the follicles are more independent, and thus the shedding is not nearly as noticeable. Shedding is not balding, and the belief of that is a common misconception. The shedding should not persist long enough that it would be noticeable to anyone other than yourself.

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Extra hair growth is dependent on the individual, much like most of the minox journey. Common growth includes extra arm hair, leg hair, hair around the eyebrows, and tiny hairs elsewhere.

This is usually only noticeable to yourself, but it is something that has caused men to drop off of minoxidil. Try not to stress out too much about possible side effects.

So applying that logic rogaine...

The mind is a powerful thing, so stay positive and you'll be fine. Many men mistake unrelated symptoms with a side effect of minoxidil, so keep that in mind if you feel under the weather. First, you'll want to learn how to use the stuff. We'll get to where to buy it in a bit. It's better to learn before spending your hard earned money!

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It's not difficult, but requires consistency and patience. Here's a method on how to apply minoxidil.