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Tips for dating a southern girl

New xXx Video Tips for dating a southern girl.
Good news: you'll never be...

Her daily to-do list will always be three times as long as yours. She has given you the time of day and expects you to do your fair share.

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Take out the trash before she says something and put your laundry in the basket, instead of on the floor. She indulges on bad days, good days and cheat days. A late night at the office calls for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. A pause mid pre-beach-vacation diet means Banana Pudding or Birthday Cake.

She wants flowers, fairy tales and butterflies in the pit of her stomach, so surprise her with grand gestures every so often. You may practically live under the same roof, but she will maintain a separate residence to avoid sideways glances from her relatives. She enjoys entertaining and wants everything to be flawlessly executed.

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You will be responsible for dusting, vacuuming and grilling. The house should be so clean and organization it appears as though no one lives there. Your mom makes tastier chicken noodle casserole, but you will keep your mouth shut.

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