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Why girls like spanking

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Oh yeah, a little spanking during sex,can sure do it! Whew,anyone else starting to feel a little warm? If she's screaming sexual harassment then that would be implying you're a stranger.

I don't really like random dudes slapping my ass.

A girl's quest for satisfaction!

Anyway, personally, I like to get rough in bed. But I feel uncomfortable with my boyfriend slapping or grabbing my ass in public because I feel it brings attention to my butt, and is making people stare at my butt. I slapped a girls ass in a bar once, she turned around and grabbed my crotch and gave it a not entirely friendly squeeze and asked "how do you like it" and then walked away lol I was Why girls like spanking deer in the headlights.

Giving permission and asking to be spanked in bed is quite a different thing from having some Why girls like spanking guy spank you in public without your consent. Well yeah I get that, but what's the appeal? Just that they can act "slutty" in te safety of their own home, or they like the pain, or is it a humiliation thing.

It could be any number of things. There's no one reason why. And how is liking to be spanked "slutty? Some girls like to look prim, proper, and classy out in public. They don't want anyone smacking their ass for everyone to see, but being in the bedroom alone can be a way different story!

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