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What zodiac sign is best for scorpio

Sexy Galleries What zodiac sign is best for scorpio.
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A Scorpio and Capricorn have the most similar personalities. Both stubborn and overprotective.

Both lack a little confidence sometimes. This creates a relationship where they really do rely on each other for things. Each has a really cold personality sometimes and come across as tough.

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But in both of them being so good at faking how they feel, they recognize it within each other. They watch each other closely and know when to be what the other person needs. The combination of a Libra and Scorpio match so well because while a Scorpio might have very intense and high strung emotions, a Libra balances that being light-hearted and carefree.

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This teaches a Scorpio not to take things so personally and hard. In social settings both a Libra and Scorpio do very well on their own. As a couple, a Libra and Scorpio are probably the most loyal of all signs.

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