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Down wit

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Although I am currently sitting with one leg up on the coffee table, Robaxacet and a shot of Toradol on board, an icepack on my sciatic nerve One butt cheek propped on a Down wit cushion, in my new home in the middle of the frozen Arctic It's the most Holy of Holies in Down wit little corner of the disability universe.

Earlier this month, Chance The...

Blue and yellow will be everywhere and Sedna help us, we are still with the mismatched and "silly" socks. There will be pride, yes The extra chromosome, the conditionthe disability, the whatever-you-want-to-call it, the thing that is Down syndrome, does not preclude one from their humanity, their right to happiness and the ability to seek that happiness.

Be loud and goddamned proud. I'm also very aware that I don't get to hold my son every day any more But, that doesn't make me any less involved in his parenting even though I am physically thousands of miles away from him. Ahhh, my little man and his newly found skills In the time since my last post, he is now walking Down wit running. He is talking more and although he has always been very good at getting his point across using a combination of sign and Wyatt-sign and sounds and body language, he's decided to go Down wit words.

Which is cool, because that's how I Down wit most Down wit the time too. I say most, as I have to admit that I do use a lot of non-sensical grunting, hand waving and sighing most of the time. Down wit just tell myself that it's part of being the mother of three kids.

Or a psych nurse.

Down Wit' Droopy D ().

I have a lot of pride for him too. I'm proud of all my kids. Every time they figure something Down wit out or add a new trick to the repertoire, I'm on about it for days. They amaze me, these little people. It amazes me that my eldest can rhyme off the first 10 elements of the periodic table. It amazes Down wit that my daughter, who is the spitting image of me only prettiercan climb almost anything and completely destroy a room in under 30 seconds It was no less amazing to find out that Wyatt, the guy who wasn't allowed to hold the phone for the longest time as he would press all the buttons and hang up on Mommy in Nunavut, decided to call both my BFF and my mother and have conversations with them both.

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